Will The Five Tibetan Rites Make You Younger?

When many people set out to start learning the Five Rites, they often ask how quickly will they begin to look younger.

Well, the startling truth for them is that the Five Rites alone are not designed to make you look younger, and still the Five Rites are absolutely necessary to regaining youth.

In the original book by Peter Kelder, “The Eye of Revelation”, the mysterious Colonel Bradford Are the Five Tibetan Rites the Fountain of Youth?explains:

“The Five Rites are for the express purpose of restoring a man to manhood. That is, to make him virile and keep him that way constantly. Whether or not he will make the comeback in youthful appearance, as I have done in so short a time, depends on how he uses his virility.”

He also states:

“…one must practice them every day in order to keep one’s robust vitality. You may skip one day a week, but never more than that.”

This explanation shows that the Five Rites will not necessarily bring you a ‘youthful appearance’. The Five Rites simply increase and sustain your virility.

Now, to ‘make the comeback in youthful appearance’, you have to use that virility in a certain way, which we will touch on ion a moment.

So many people have been misled by later publications that hype the Five Rites as the Fountain of Youth. When, in reality, the Five Tibetan Rites only prepare you to partake from the actual Fountain of Youth.

Our dear Colonel Bradford later explains:

“In the average virile man…the life forces course downward, but in order to become a Superman they must be turned upward…. There is only one way to master this powerful urge, and that is not by dissipating or suppressing it but by transmuting it—transmuting it and at the same time lifting it upward. In this way you really and truly have discovered not only the ‘Elixir of Life,'”

“The only difference there is between the average virile man and the Superman is that the virile lets the procreative urge flow downward while the Super-man turns the procreative urge upward and reproduces within himself a NEW MAN—a strong, powerful, magnetic man who is constantly growing younger, day by day, moment by moment. This is the true SUPER-MAN, who creates within himself the true ‘ELIXIR OF LIFE.'”

So, can you become younger by doing the Five Rites?

The answer is maybe. It depends on how you use your gains in vitality.

If you turn the ‘life forces’ upward by properly performing the less known Sixth Rite, you will then begin to see that youthful appearance returning.

The Sixth Rite also comes with some warnings and should only be used at certain times and under certain conditions. The problem is that there is even more dangerous misinformation about the Sixth Rite that frightens many from obtaining the true ‘Elixir of Life’.

In a future post, we will explore these misconceptions and dispel the myths, so that everyone that is willing can partake of the real Fountain of Youth.

Until next time…


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