Where the Heck are the Results???

Hey Guys,

I apologize for being away so long.

A lot has happened since I embarked on this journey.

Most recently, a series of Great events that have absorb some of my time though.

I am learning some better Time Management skills so that I can schedule time each week to the project.

So anyway,

Here were some of my stats after the 22 Week point.

Weight: 168 lbs

Body Fat: 22%

Water Content: 52%

Now, this is without much diet change.  However, I now chew my food THOROUGHLY!

A couple of changes that will be coming….

This site will eventually become a Members Only site and will either be accepting Members by Invitation Only or maybe just a Limited Amount.  Not sure yet.

In the Members Area, we will be revealing some rare information that has been presented about The Eye of Revelation system that will change the lives of a few select people.

This cannot be widespread because of the social implications that it would cause.

Just imagine if everyone could extend their lives….Sounds good on the surface, but you would be looking at mass overpopulation which would lead to a lot of other issues.

On the flipside, if only a select few learn the full details on the science of life extension, they would need a plan to stay out of the public eye or at least stay under the radar while still enjoying life to the fullest.

These Members will have the opportunity to attend a Grand Retreat that will allow them to have hands-on instruction on how the Rites should be done properly.

Yes, there IS a right way to do the Five Rites…

More specifically, there is a right way to follow the entire Eye of Revelation system.

Our Members will also get additional training that will benefit the mind’s longevity as well.

One other reason that we are limiting the Membership is because of the fact that most people will not stick with the Rites anyway.

We will only spend our time with dedicate people that are looking to make a change in their lives on a permanent basis.

Most people are just information-junkies and just want to know about new stuff all the time.

For those, we will provide information-products that actually reveal everything, however, our real teachings will be safe because most will not even complete them.  Besides, it is difficult to understand some of the things without firsthand experience to start.

This is why Colonel Bradford went around teaching the art first.  Later, people could decide to stick with it or not.

One last thing, I will try to get some AFTER pictures up very soon.  We lost the jump drive with the photos and just got a new one.  I’ll get some updated photos up real soon.

Until next time…


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