Will The Five Tibetan Rites Make You Younger?

When many people set out to start learning the Five Rites, they often ask how quickly will they begin to look younger.

Well, the startling truth for them is that the Five Rites alone are not designed to make you look younger, and still the Five Rites are absolutely necessary to regaining youth.

In the original book by Peter Kelder, “The Eye of Revelation”, the mysterious Colonel Bradford Are the Five Tibetan Rites the Fountain of Youth?explains:

“The Five Rites are for the express purpose of restoring a man to manhood. That is, to make him virile and keep him that way constantly. Whether or not he will make the comeback in youthful appearance, as I have done in so short a time, depends on how he uses his virility.”

He also states:

“…one must practice them every day in order to keep one’s robust vitality. You may skip one day a week, but never more than that.”

This explanation shows that the Five Rites will not necessarily bring you a ‘youthful appearance’. The Five Rites simply increase and sustain your virility.

Now, to ‘make the comeback in youthful appearance’, you have to use that virility in a certain way, which we will touch on ion a moment.

So many people have been misled by later publications that hype the Five Rites as the Fountain of Youth. When, in reality, the Five Tibetan Rites only prepare you to partake from the actual Fountain of Youth.

Our dear Colonel Bradford later explains:

“In the average virile man…the life forces course downward, but in order to become a Superman they must be turned upward…. There is only one way to master this powerful urge, and that is not by dissipating or suppressing it but by transmuting it—transmuting it and at the same time lifting it upward. In this way you really and truly have discovered not only the ‘Elixir of Life,'”

“The only difference there is between the average virile man and the Superman is that the virile lets the procreative urge flow downward while the Super-man turns the procreative urge upward and reproduces within himself a NEW MAN—a strong, powerful, magnetic man who is constantly growing younger, day by day, moment by moment. This is the true SUPER-MAN, who creates within himself the true ‘ELIXIR OF LIFE.'”

So, can you become younger by doing the Five Rites?

The answer is maybe. It depends on how you use your gains in vitality.

If you turn the ‘life forces’ upward by properly performing the less known Sixth Rite, you will then begin to see that youthful appearance returning.

The Sixth Rite also comes with some warnings and should only be used at certain times and under certain conditions. The problem is that there is even more dangerous misinformation about the Sixth Rite that frightens many from obtaining the true ‘Elixir of Life’.

In a future post, we will explore these misconceptions and dispel the myths, so that everyone that is willing can partake of the real Fountain of Youth.

Until next time…


Five Rites: Before and After Pics




So, after much silence, I started a new project.

I started the project at 185lbs and 27 days later, I ended at 160lbs.  My only “exercise” was the Five Rites at 21 reps (and I slacked and didn’t do them everyday).

Check it out.

Also, about to start offering classes to the Public.  I may offer them Free to a select few.  Still thinking on it.

Enjoy the pics!

Warning! – What You Must Know About The Five Tibetan Rites – Part 1

There are thousands of Five Rites practitioners and hundreds of Five Rites teachers across the globe.

There are quite a few things that are, unfortunately, overlooked by would-be practitioners of the Five Tibetan Rites (as well as many self-proclaimed teachers of the art) that leave most of these ‘youth seekers’ with nothing but sore bones and muscles.

This series of articles is to bring awareness to some serious points which are overlooked, even by the best of us.  (In fact, many of these things were brought to my attention by my ‘Master’.)

A handful of readers will already recognize these things, which is fantastic.  While others will learn something new although it is written clearly in the text.

Everything in this article can be verified by reviewing the 1939 and/or 1946 versions of The Eye Of Revelation.  I will even site the actual passages from the text (using the 1946 edition).

So let’s begin, shall we:

Fact #1:  Grow Younger In Bed!!!

That’s right!Do The Five Rites In Bed

This is chosen as the first factoid because so many people complain about pains in their backs, necks, joints, etc.

You see, one of the biggest problems is that most people practice the Five Rites on either the floor or a thin yoga mat and there have been many horror stories all over the web about injuries from doing the Five Rites.

Here’s why…

The Eye Of Revelation clearly outlines that a the Five Rites (except for Rite 1) should be done either in bed or on the floor with a ‘prayer rug’ or blanket folded several times!

Most Yoga Mats are not even a good 1/2-inch thick, while the ‘prayer rugs’ described in The Eye Of Revelation are “fairly thick” and made of “wool and a kind of vegetable fiber”.

Now, most of us do not have these types of ‘prayer rugs’, but the exercises can be done in bed!

Once my Master pointed this out to me, a light bulb came on.  Many of my students felt pain, especially on the 2nd Rite due to the hard floor on their spine.

After switching to small mattresses (got some cheap at IKEA) and thick blankets (folded several times), these same students experienced a tremendous change and could now do the Rites pain free and made advances much quicker than before.

So, if you are one of the many people suffering from pain during the Five Rites, you can experiment with this immediately and see a vast improvement instantly.

As promised, here is the excerpt from the book:

“one first lies flat on his back on the floor or on
the bed. If practiced on the floor one should use a rug or
blanket under him, folded several times in order that the
body will not come into contact with the cold floor. The
Lamas have what in English might be called a ‘prayer rug’.
It is about two feet wide and fully six feet long. It is fairly
thick and is made from wool and a kind of vegetable fibre.”

(These articles are a preview of the upcoming super commentary on the Five Rites, “Youthing Magic – The Five Tibetan Rites Decoded”.)

Five Rites Breathing Revisited

The post you are about to read is from an email that I sent to my good pal Jerry Watt over at Jerry’s Rare Books concerning the breathing technique that I mentioned in an earlier post.

Hey buddy,

I was going through my emails and realized that I missed yours.

In reading and re-reading and experimenting and researching, I began to notice some clues that led me to the “proper” breathing.

Now, when I say there is a proper way, I don’t mean that it is the same rate for all.

The rate of breathing will be quite unique for each person which may be why breathing was scarcely touched upon.

There are quite a few other clues as well.

The exercises are specifically said to be different from “physical culture” exercises.  “Physical Culture” exercises are akin to our current ideas of muscle building and cardio work.

These exercises share the characteristic of heavy breathing during a “good workout”.  This heavy breathing is from a loss of breath control, as is expressed by people saying, “I need to catch my breath”.

The Rites, on the other hand, are specifically called Rites to differentiate themselves from Physical Culture’s more strenuous exercises.

In EoR, there is a demonstration done showing that Colonel Bradford could perform Rite 4 a total of 50 times with NO strain.

As, you may know, doing 50 reps of the 4th Rite at the high speeds that some “gurus” teach would result in some serious strain and leave the practitioner gasping for air.

The advice to “allow the breath to lead the speed” is given because the Rites should be a more meditative practice.  A ritual (rite) to increase the vital energy.

If all the vital energy is vibrated away due to hard breathing, the work is less effective.  Silent, controlled breathing allows the practitioner to absorb the maximum energy during the Rites.

The 1939 EoR, also advises that one should take a deep breath or 2 between each Rite.  This is often neglected by many “gurus”.

Bradford provided a plan of progression from 3 reps to 21 reps to allow the practitioner to build their way up and allow the body to become more and more accustomed to the increased work to keep the breath controlled.

It is amazing that people would sacrifice getting the full benefits of the Rites, just because it may take a little more than the 10 minutes to do it in a relaxed fashion.

I seriously doubt that Tibetan monks were clocking the speed at which they finished the Rites and instead proceeded with the Rites calmly and blissfully.

With that being said, one that does the Rites as described will still be able to complete them in about 10 minutes, but this should not be the goal.  The goal rejuvenation.  It is not a race.

As I mentioned before, anyone that tests this method will see the truth in it.

Breathe in complete controlled breaths through the nose (from belly on up)

Breathe out through nose (preferably) or mouth (as long as controlled and silent)(from top to belly)

Keep the breath silent.

Start at 3 reps and work up each week to 21.

Breathe between Rites.

After 10 weeks, you will see and feel a most magnificent difference.

Best of Luck to You.


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Why Five Rites Gurus suck – Part I – The Squeeze Please!

In the Original Eye Of Revelation, there are very clear instructions to pause and SQUEEZE every muscle during some of the Rites.

I’ll tell you this.  You may notice on the Videos of most so-called Experts that they do not pause at all during the reps. 

As a matter of fact, most of these “gurus” try to teach you that you should blast through the Rites at high speed as if it were a race to Rejuvenation.

Well, when you re-read the Original text, you may find yourself questioning these so-called experts because the original text clearly outline Pauses and moments where you tighten all the muscles for a second.

These seemingly minor things are crucial to optimal results with the Rites.

Test for yourself and then decide if the teachers you are following are following the text or if they have created their own thing.

Soon, you’ll receive even more info on what these “Gurus” are doing wrong on the Rites and they are costing you valuable results.


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