Why the Five Tibetan Rites (and the Sixth) Really Work

I’ve been practicing the Five Tibetan Rites for years and as time goes by, I began crafting hypotheses on WHY they work.

The question is not IF anymore, but HOW and WHY.

Over the next few days, I plan to tackle these tough questions.  The Five Rites are a major reason for my energy and youthfulness, so it was only natural that I soon sought the answer to what changes they are producing to get the effects that they bring.

This will be no ‘mystical’ interpretation of them.  If I mention the word Chakra, you have permission to punch me in the arm with brass knuckles.

No, there are enough interpretations that talk about those aspects.  What I plan to expound on is the physical processes that occur when performing these Rites on a regular basis.

The observant practitioner may come to similar conclusions so I wish to collaborate with those that have further ideas.

Also, I have finished several private courses and have students that are starting to see benefits from doing the Rites as prescribed in The Eye Of Revelation.  Changes within there physiology have provided additional hints as to what may be going on with these Rites.

So, we shall start next week with an explanation of the First Rite and move through all the Rites concluding with the most mysterious, most forbidden, most misunderstood, and most powerful Rite of the them all… The Sixth Rite and why it is the key to True Youth.

I look forward to sharing…

Until next time…


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1946 Eye Of Revelation Released FREE!!!


The long awaited release is finally here.

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Five Tibetan Rites Update on App, Forum, etc.

Really Quick….

Decided to Create a Facebook Page instead of the Mobile VIP list to accommodate all the non-US members.


We’ll be offering some Exclusive stuff to members of that page.  I am only advertising it to visitors of this website and the existing email list.

The App is almost done. There were delays since I had a lot of requests for an iPhone App in addition to an Android app.

We finally found a solution and an app should be out soon for all platforms although it is a lot different than my original app layout.

I am re-doing the Mobile Site to be more like the original app idea.

The face of the website may change a little bit too.  Probably offering a basic site and blog rather than just a blog.  That way, people can search for information in a more organized fashion.

Five Tibetan Rites Mobile Site, Android App, and VIP Club

Really quick update…..

Next week, The Five Tibetan Rites Project goes mobile.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the Mobile Website and the Android App.

Also, there is a VIP Club now that will allow members to get up-to-the-minute updates on all things Youthing.  During this journey with the Five Rites, there have been a lot of additional discoveries and VIP Club members will get first look into new Life Extension & Youthing technologies that complement the Five Rites and accelerate their effectiveness.

This will be an interactive club where you can communicate quickly and easily with other VIP members across the globe.

Enrollment is truly limited, and thousands visit this site each month so be one of the 1st to Join Now.

Text RITES to 41411 to get on the VIP List while you can.

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Animated Five Tibetan Rites Link

I got this link today that I thought you guys might enjoy.

Sort of an animated quick reference for the Five Rites.  LOL

Animated Five Rites