Five Tibetan Rites – Baldness Cure?

Hello folks,

Recently, as I was looking at some marketing pieces, I came across an interesting product that claims to cure baldness over time using a topical cream.

This intrigued me since I was also working on research into Why the Butter Remedy works from the The Eye of Revelation.

So, I went over to the site to snoop around and see if I could discover the Active Ingredient, which turns out to be Hyaluronic Acid.

Immediately, I went into a quick Google search to see if this might be found in our butter.

Sure enough, a scientific article from 1978 confirmed the presence of this substance in milk fat.  The Journal is called the Journal of Supramolecular Structure and a link to the summary can be found here.
Interesting find and a possible factor on why the Butter massage helps with hair growth in conjunction with the Five Tibetan Rites.

The Five Rites and Butter are a much cheaper option (not to mention how fit you’ll look with your new head of hair!)

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