Why Five Rites Gurus suck – Part I – The Squeeze Please!

In the Original Eye Of Revelation, there are very clear instructions to pause and SQUEEZE every muscle during some of the Rites.

I’ll tell you this.  You may notice on the Videos of most so-called Experts that they do not pause at all during the reps. 

As a matter of fact, most of these “gurus” try to teach you that you should blast through the Rites at high speed as if it were a race to Rejuvenation.

Well, when you re-read the Original text, you may find yourself questioning these so-called experts because the original text clearly outline Pauses and moments where you tighten all the muscles for a second.

These seemingly minor things are crucial to optimal results with the Rites.

Test for yourself and then decide if the teachers you are following are following the text or if they have created their own thing.

Soon, you’ll receive even more info on what these “Gurus” are doing wrong on the Rites and they are costing you valuable results.


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