Can You REALLY Grow Younger?


So, don’t ask me what I was looking at on either of these pics.

Many of the folks practicing or just investigating the possibility of Youthing are usually curious on whether or not they can really slow down or even reverse aging.

A classmate of mine came across the old pic on the left and several people commented that I look younger now than then.

The pic on the right is one I took 4 days ago and posted on Facebook.  One of my old employees said “You look 19!”

Very flattering,  but it got me thinking that others need to see this.

People need to see that it’s possible at any age.

So, my goal is to begin highlighting and interviewing others that have turned back the hands of time in a Major way.

Hopefully, we can encourage more and more people to stick to the Five Rites and the eating habits and other practices.

The key is that there are Best Practices for Best Results.

Leave a comment below and tell me about your challenges in your quest for Youth.

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