A New Discovery About The Five Tibetan Rites

Recently I posted this at an online group that I visit now and then.

It outlines the re-discovered technique for proper breathing during the Five Rites.

Man, I caught a lot of flack for this for various reasons.  I suggest you simply test it out for yourself and see the benefits before you decide if it is right for you.

Here is the post in full.  It was in reply to a guy named Norman, a 71 year old man seeking info on how to do the Rites right.

Read this:

Hello Norman,

Unfortunately, this group has become very quiet lately.

You mentioned that your wife passed recently and you have been diagnosed with
cancer yourself which means that you are obviously looking to improve your
health and hopefully prolong your life.

Now get this Norman, if you really want to live longer and healthier, you will
need to realize that there IS a right way and a wrong way to do the Rites.

Now, this is an unpopular truth because most folks do not know the Rite way and
settle for the easy answer and say “whatever feels right”.

Are you kidding?

Whatever feels right is the main reason most people are messed up as it is.

I’ll tell you something Norman, most people smoke because it makes them “feel
right”. Others drink (my bad habit) because it makes them “feel right”. People
perform a list of bad habits because it “feels right”.

Now let’s be real. Most of these things that “feel right” are dead wrong.

Now, based on this same logic, just doing the Rites in a way that “feels right”
will not reap the results you seek.

With that being said, I will seemingly contradict myself and say that the
“right” way may differ slightly for each person, in the beginning.

What do I mean by that?

Well starting off, a 71 year old person, like yourself, may need to perform the
Rites even slower than a person of age 33 like me.

The form should be about the same, but the rate that the Rites are performed
will be different.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. There are hundreds (maybe thousands) of 5
Rites practitioners and 98% of them are doing the Rites TOO FAST and thus will
not get the full benefits from them.

The Rites are to be done at a very slow pace and there is a certain way to
determine with 100% accuracy if you are doing the Rites at the right speed.

Pay close attention here, you (and anyone else with an open mind reading this)
are about to receive the secret of secrets of the 5 Rites.

The way you know if you are doing the Rites at the right pace is by listening to
your breath.

But wait a minute!

Here’s the secret: You should not be able to hear your breath at all.

Your movements should be so slow that you do not even hear the in and out of
your breathing.

You should be resting in between each and every rep enough to keep your breath
in check.

This is why the book has you start at such small reps and work your way up

Here’s all I’m going to ask you to do: Start over at 3 reps and practice a an
extremely slow pace so that you are always in control of your breath and it
remains quiet through your entire practice.

I’m not kidding. All those people that get injured and hurt during the rites
are doing them TOO FAST.. Slow it Down and you will reap the benefits.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Most people still need instruction on this because it
is a tricky concept. This is why Kelder and Bradford started the Himalaya Club
to teach hands on.

I teach a handful of students personally and will be releasing a book and DVD in
the future to help the true seekers.

There are a number of reasons why this works, but I will not go into the science
behind it. Just do it and see what happens. If you can silence your breath,
let me know and maybe I can give further, more personalized instruction.

One more thing before I go. Remember that the 5 Rites are only the beginning.
The 6th Rite and the other things like eating habits, water consumption, etc.,
all play a part in truly reversing age.

I’ll put it like this. If the person giving the advice doesn’t look like they
are getting the results you want, then you may want to seek other advice.

For example, I don’t take financial advice from my friends that struggle with
money. I don’t take marital advice from my single friends. You get the point.

I am 33 and before I was married again, young 21 year olds were trying to date
me. LOL. One lady even said she thought I was “her age”. HA!

Anyway Norman, Best of Luck and I hope you will give this a go. If you have
difficulty, let me know.

I’ll be young forever.
I have found the Key.
It is up to you,
if you will come with me
And unlock the door
To Immortality.


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